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Casual Dating – Are You Ready For More?

A casual relationship or casual dating is an emotional and physical relationship between two individuals who can have casual sex or at least a very near-sexual relationship with no demand or expectation of the additional commitment of a more serious romantic relationship. Some of its most common and widespread conditions include: friendships, common interest in games and hobbies, occasional sex, infrequent sex, not sharing feelings and intentions. Other motivations for casual dating range from “getting to know you” to “us” – all the way through to the idea that it is just a fun thing to do. People can also be casual daters because they find themselves alone and therefore feel safer and more comfortable dating a stranger than a friend. Some would define casual dating as a type of sexual relationship and insist that casual relationships are not what relationships are about and that casual relationships are inappropriate for a lasting relationship.

However, there is a difference between casual dating and casual sex. Most casual daters do not wish to make a long term relationship out of it. Some may even want to get into a relationship but are afraid of commitment because of past relationship failures. So instead of looking for a mate, they enjoy casual dating and let things happen at their pace. For them, casual dating is a good way of getting to know other people.

Sometimes, casual dating turns into long term and serious relationships. When this happens, the casual daters are expected to become more committed to the relationship than those who opt for the more conventional methods of courtship and dating. This can be quite a burden, especially for the women, for whom casual dating has been associated with loss of confidence and even humiliation.

The commonest grounds for casual dating are friendships, common interest in hobbies and games, infrequent sex, sharing feelings and intentions. Women are usually attached to their friends and tend to choose the same casual dating friends over again. It is a lot easier for them to be casual daters because they feel that they have so many friends. Thus, this results in forming a network of casual daters with similar interests and choices.

Common interests and hobbies are the next logical step in casual dating, if there is no emotional attachment. These include playing games, watching sports, reading books, going out for dinner, going for a walk in the park and even chatting on the Internet. Women in this group of casual daters tend to discuss only their own interests, which is hardly surprising as most young women do these things because they have nothing to share with the men in their life.

But these interests should not be limited to the above-mentioned choices. There are also other things that women in this group of casual daters enjoy doing together. Some of them like spending time doing shopping or checking out books at the library or going for a picnic. Some women also enjoy taking bubble baths together or having a good talk in a movie theater.

The fourth type of casual daters are those who are looking for serious relationships. They tend to do casual dating to see how long they can wait before getting seriously into something serious. However, they usually fall for a man too quickly. This can either be because they are not ready for a serious relationship or are afraid that they will lose him to someone else if they enter one. In this type of casual datings, it is important for them to find the right guy and get to know him well. They may also need to reconsider the commitment they want to make to such a person.

Finally, another group that Casual dating often falls into is those who are involved in a one night stand. This may not be a serious relationship. But casual dating involve meeting up in a pub or bar and engaging in a sexual act. Many people in this group have had several relationships develop out of this one night stand. So they usually need to take some time apart from each other to rebuild their relationship, if it has fallen apart.

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